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Education is the key. Public licensees operate stations broadcasting across the entire state of Ohio, including every major city in Ohio as well as rural areas.

Radio Reading Services

Ohio Radio Reading Services (ORRS) and its member organizations provide up-to-date, usable information to print-impaired Ohioans by turning printed material into sound. They meet the need for this information by utilizing local volunteers to produce daily broadcasts of topical printed materials, including newspapers, magazines, advertisements, and books. This enables listeners to be aware of local events, election information, grocery and department store ads, on-air discussions of local, state, and federal issues, and much more.

Television and Radio Stations

Ohio's public television stations provide the most utilized source of lifelong learning for all Ohioans and serve as a valuable link between the education field and the community. Ohio's public television stations were established, in large part, to provide instructional broadcast programming and support services to all Ohio districts and schools. Additionally, each public television licensee has close ties with higher education institutions in its region.  The stations are serving their communities through their broadcasts, websites, coverage of community meetings and forums, special events for children and adults, as well as the creation of educational resources.  Ohio's public television stations are uniquely qualified to produce multi-media content specifically geared to support Ohio teachers in K-12 classrooms. Because the productions are developed in conjunction with Ohio educators for the express purpose of serving their needs, the stations can assure the content is correlated to academic standards and visually engaging.


Although each Ohio Public Radio station selects its own format with programming that reflects the unique needs of Ohio's various communities, stations share a common mission of presenting the highest-quality news, discussion, arts, and cultural programming that makes a difference in Ohioan's daily lives. Ohio Public Radio stations provide both education-related programming as well as news and talk programs that cover current issues in-depth. They contribute to civic literacy and raise the level of civic discourse, challenging and developing the citizens of the future.