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Public Media

Broadcast Educational Media Commission (BEMC) serves a vital role in connectivity.

In a role given by the Ohio legislature in 1960, BEMC connects the Ohio Public TV stations under the umbrella of a statewide Public TV network. The Ohio legislature has since expanded this foundation to include Ohio Public Radio and the Ohio Radio Reading Services to reach every Ohioan.

There are three key functions allowing Ohioans to participate in state government activities from their homes through broadcast technologies:

  • Production: The Ohio Channel and the Statehouse News Bureau
  • Broadcast: Ohio Public Broadcast partners
  • Connection: BEMC 

The Ohio Channel and the Statehouse News Bureau provide educational, comprehensive coverage of legislation, elections, issues, and other activities of the Ohio General Assembly, the Ohio Supreme Court, and the Executive Branch of Ohio. These productions are available to Ohio's public radio and television stations.

The PBS brand is continuously voted as America's most trusted source of public affairs information. Ohioans are familiar with their local Ohio Public Broadcast partners, including PBS television stations, public radio stations, and radio reading services for individuals with vision impairment or low vision.

Connecting the Ohio Public Broadcasters, the Ohio Channel, and the Statehouse News Bureau is BEMC. As an independent state agency, BEMC is the state funding source to all of these entities, provides access to the statewide fiber network, and serves the Ohio Public TV stations as a Joint Master Control.