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NewsDepth Features Career Callouts

Now in its 52nd season, NewsDepth has become a trusted and loved free resource for hundreds of Ohio teachers. The show has received industry recognition, including multiple regional Emmy awards and gold seals from the Parents’ Choice Awards. Produced during the school year, NewsDepth breaks down news stories into teachable lessons for 4th to 6th grade students. In addition to current news and events, special segments feature science, civics, Ohio history, and art aligned to Ohio learning standards.

Career Callout: Heavy Truck Driver

In this episode, we learn about the career of heavy truck drivers in this week's episode of NewsDepth. Watch the full NewsDepth episode 2, including a story about the shortage of drivers in Ohio, at https://www.ideastream.org/programs/newsdepth/newsdepth-2021-2022-episode-2.

Career Callout: Cosmetologist

In this week's episode of NewsDepth, we learn about the hardships hairdressers and cosmetologists have faced during the pandemic.  Watch the full NewsDepth episode 4 at https://www.ideastream.org/programs/newsdepth/newsdepth-2021-2022-episode-4

Career Callout: Environmental Scientist

In this week's episode of NewsDepth, we learn about environmental scientists monitoring temperatures in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and erosion along the shores of England. Watch the full NewsDepth episode 7 at https://www.ideastream.org/programs/newsdepth/newsdepth-2021-2022-episode-7

Career Callout: Medical Lab Technologist

In this week's episode of NewsDepth, we learn about medical laboratory technologists analyzing COVID-19 tests and looking for new virus variants. Watch the full NewsDepth episode 13 at https://www.ideastream.org/programs/newsdepth/newsdepth-2021-2022-episode-13

Career Callout: Dietitian

In this week's episode of NewsDepth, we learn about the role dietitians play in supporting the nutritional needs of Olympic athletes. Watch the full NewsDepth episode 18, including how to eat like an Olympian and a story about Ohio’s carnivorous plants, at https://www.ideastream.org/programs/newsdepth/newsdepth-2021-2022-episode-18

Career Callout: Computer Programmer

In this week's episode of NewsDepth, we learn about the career of computer programmers. NewsDepth Episode 23 has multiple stories about technology, including stories about how to spot deepfakes on the Internet, Ukrainian students keeping in touch via remote learning, and a student in California who found his voice with the help of some groundbreaking tech. Watch the full episode at https://www.ideastream.org/programs/newsdepth/newsdepth-2021-2022-episode-23.

Career Callout: Registered Nurse

In this week's episode of NewsDepth, we learn about the registered nurses. NewsDepth Episode 27 has stories about mask mandates being lifted on public transportation, the youth mental health crisis, and dealing with stress. Watch the full episode at https://www.ideastream.org/programs/newsdepth/newsdepth-2021-2022-episode-27.

About This Series

Ideastream produced the "Career Callouts" series to run within Ideastream's weekly program for children NewsDepth. These segments focus on career awareness building for children in 4th to 6th grade. Topics were chosen based on NewsDepth's Teacher Advisory Council, which consists of teachers from Northeast Ohio. The 52nd Season of NewsDepth will be available on multiple online and broadcast platforms. NewsDepth episodes are posted online on Thursdays at  http://ideastream.org/newsdepth and PBS LearningMedia. WVIZ PBS airs full episodes on Fridays at 1 p.m. and Saturdays at 8 a.m. Check your local PBS station for additional broadcasts. These "Career Callouts" are brought to you by the Broadcast Educational Media Commission, the Ohio Department of Education, and Ideastream Public Media. For more information about Career and College Readiness in Ohio, check out ODE's website at http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Career-Tech/Career-Connections.

About the Multimedia Production Project

The Multimedia Production Project has a long history of supporting educational initiatives for Ohioans. This project is a joint initiative among Broadcast Educational Media Commission (BEMC), the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), and Ohio's Public Television Stations. Find more videos created using Multimedia funds on BEMC’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/BroadcastEducationalMediaCommission.