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Emmy Winning "Drawing with Mr. J"

“Drawing with Mr. J” is a video series from WOSU Classroom that helps kids in grades K–5 learn social and emotional skills through brief but engaging drawing challenges. All you need is something to draw with and something to draw on! 

Each video comes complete with a standards-aligned companion guide containing activities and resources for educators and parents. The videos can be worked into a variety of lesson plans, be used as a morning warm-up or a way to check-in with students after lunch or other transition times.

These activities align with Strategy number 7 of Ohio’s Strategic Plan for Education, Each Child, Our Future, which focuses on working to help schools meet the needs of the whole child. “Drawing with Mr. J” is funded by the Ohio Broadcast Educational Media Commission.

Drawing With Mr. J: Introduction for Kids

Mr. J talks with students about the importance of recognizing emotions and invites them to try out his drawing challenges. He shares personal strategies for processing this feeling as well as the importance of sharing our emotions with others.

Drawing With Mr. J: Parent & Teacher Introduction

Mr. J talks with parents about the role that recognizing emotions plays in children's development. He shares personal strategies for helping children process feelings as well as the importance of sharing our emotions with others.

About This Series

"Drawing with Mr. J" is brought to you by the Broadcast Educational Media Commission, the Ohio Department of Education, WOSU Public Media, and the Court Appointed Special Advocates of Franklin County (CASA). Supporting materials developed for use with these videos are available at https://wosu.org/classroom/drawing-with-mr-j/. For more information about Social Emotional Learning in Ohio, check out ODE's website at http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Learning-in-Ohio/Social-and-Emotional-Learning. For more information about Ohio’s Strategic Plan for Education, check out ODE's website at http://education.ohio.gov/About/EachChildOurFuture

About the Multimedia Production Grant

The Multimedia Grant project has a long history of supporting educational initiatives for Ohioans. This project is a joint initiative among the Broadcast Educational Media Commission (BEMC), the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), and Ohio's Public Television Stations.