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Distance Learning Organizations and Agencies

Educator Reviewed Content Providers in Ohio

Several content providers in Ohio are on the list of The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration’s (CILC) Pinnacle Award winners. The Pinnacle Award has been an annual tradition by the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration since 2008.  Awards are given to organizations with exceptional scores on program evaluations submitted by educators. 

Check out national and international Pinnacle Awardees on the CILC website at https://www.cilc.org/Content-Providers/CILC-Pinnacle-Awards-Recipients-Announced.aspx.

Local Education Agencies (Ohio)

Your school district's local ESC or Ed Tech may offer virtual field trips, classes for K12 students, afterschool, enrichment programs, and/or professional development for educators via interactive video. These organizations have sent BEMC information to share:

East Central Ohio Educational Service Center (ECOESC)

World Languages: https://www.ecoesc.org/world-languages/
Virtual Field Trips: https://www.ecoesc.org/content/

Southwestern Ohio Instructional Technology Association (SOITA)

Website Link: https://www.soita.org/distance-learning

National Programs



Social Studies


Distance Learning in Ohio

In 1997, video distance learning began to make an impact on education in Ohio through funding contributions made by Ohio's large local exchange telephone companies as a result of various stipulations and agreements with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). By 2003, a statewide network of support staff and agencies were meeting monthly to promote, develop and encourage the use of video conferencing. In 2011, this group voted to become an official organization. The Ohio Distance Learning Association developed a charter and became an affiliate of the national organization, United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). As a state member of the USDLA, the mission is the same; to promote the use of interactive video teaching and learning in schools. Visit HTTP://www.ohiodla.org to learn about programs offered by Ohio content providers.