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Laws & Rules

Ohio Revised Code

Chapter 3353 - Broadcast Educational Media Commission

§3353.01 Definitions
§3353.02 Broadcast Educational Media Commission established
§3353.03 Executive Director - powers and duties
§3353.04 Powers of Commission
§3353.05 Payments to noncommercial educational broadcasting stations or radio reading service
§3353.06 Affiliates services fund
§3353.07 Ohio government telecommunications service - programming committee
§3353.11 Governmental telecommunications operating fund

Ohio Administrative Code

3353-1-14 Definitions
3353-1-14.1 Procedures for accessing confidential personal information
3353-1-14.2 Valid reasons for accessing confidential personal information
3353-1-14.3 Confidentiality Statutes
3353-1-14.4 Restricting and logging access to confidential personal information in computerized personal information systems