How to Find Interactive Video Distance Learning Content?

The following is a list of content providers which BEMC maintains on file. Please note that this list is not a complete representation, and is updated periodically.  Inclusion on this list should not be seen as an endorsement or approval by the Broadcast Educational Media Commission.  

If you are looking for programs, please explore the following:

Local Education Agencies

Your school district's local ESC or Ed Tech may offer virtual field trips or classes for K12 students, and/or professional development for teachers via interactive video. These organizations have sent BEMC information to share:

Higher Education

Check with your building/district guidance office and/or College Credit Plus coordinator(s) for information on current higher education partnerships and course catalog.  These websites provide a searchable database of information regarding various online programs and courses.

OhioLearns Catalog 

"OhioLearns is the one-stop site for anyone interested in college level distance or e-learning in Ohio.

The OhioLearns searchable catalog includes courses as well as degrees and certificates from Ohio two- and four-year, public and private, higher education institutions."

Community for Accredited Online Schools: 

According to the Plain Dealer, Ohio has more students enrolled in online K-12 schools than any other state in the nation. Virtual education options include publicly funded, fully-online schools and 27 eCommunity schools. Collectively, these schools have an online catalog of close to 1,000 courses for K-12 students, all of which go through a rigorous approval process. Ohio also has a vast network of post-secondary institutions that help college-level students take courses and earn full degrees online.

CILC Pinnacle Award Recipients in Ohio

Several content providers in Ohio are on the list of The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration’s (CILC) Pinnacle Award winners. The Pinnacle Award has been an annual tradition by the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration since 2008.  Awards are given to organizations with exceptional scores on program evaluations submitted by educators. 

(Average Score 2.85 - 3.00)

(Average Score 2.80 - 2.84)