Register/Update Video Rooms & Room Contacts



Once you have established a service account, you must register each new Video Room and Room Contact in TC Reliance in order to utilize video bridging, gateway and scheduling services. Information required for registration includes:


  • Video Room Information (name, address, telephone number, etc.)
  • Administrative Information (organization, facility type, room features, fees, etc.)
  • Network Information (video system type, static ip address, host service provider)
  • Room Contact Information (Video room contact is the person that serves as the primary site contact who approves use of the room, schedules conferences and coordinates arrangements for conferences held at their site.)
  • Technical Contact Information (The technical contact is the person that provides technical support at the site for video conference system operation and connection to the network. Their primary function would be to provide on-site support in case of technical difficulties connecting to a conference.)

Contact Information

Name of Room Contact
Phone Number For Video Room Contact

Technical Contact Information

Name of Technical Contact
Please enter the email of IT or other personnel that will be troubleshooting any issues.
Phone Number for Technical Contact

Video Room Information

i.e. School district or Business or Agency etc
Where is this system located?
Video Room Name
Please be certain to enter in the external IP address not internal.
either by your local IT, ISP or ITC
County of school district

Video Network Service Provider

Commercial Provider Name: i.e. AT&T WOW Time Warner
Which of above is your primary provider?