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Who We Are

BEMC Video Conference Network Operations Center (VNOC) has been in place since 2006. Since that time, our services have been used extensively for distance education, electronic field trips, meetings, conferences, interviews, depositions and statewide training. The service is available to Ohio's K-12 school districts, colleges and universities, educational service providers, public television stations and the state agencies, departments, boards and commissions.

The brochure, Connecting Ohio's Students to the World, [PDF] is publicly available for printing and distribution.

Connecting Ohio's Students to the World

Since funding Telecommunity and Interactive Video Distance Learning (IVDL) projects in the late 1990's, the State of Ohio has continued to support efforts to expand opportunities to students. Connecting Ohio's Students to the World through the OARnet Connection is brought to you by the Broadcast Educational Media Commission and OARnet:

Together with this introductory video, OARnet has created a Case Study on their website with more information:

For more information about collaboration opportunities and connecting with providers, please see "Where To Find Programming".

To see more videos created by the Ohio Public Television stations, please follow the link to BEMC's YouTube page.