Recording Services

Watching a Recorded Video Conference

BEMC recording services stores recorded video conferences at Recordings are available within 15* minutes of the end of the conference for streaming; length of time it takes for the recording to become available depends on the length of the conference. Longer conferences require more time to transcode.

Accessing the Recorded Video Conferences

The following self paced slides have been created by VNOC staff to assist customers with accessing recorded video conferences.

Part 6 Viewing Recordings


If you experience issues watching a recorded video conference, please check the following software requirements for compatibility.  BEMC has set the transcoding to MP4 for maximum compatibility with most systems.

Recording a Video Conference

For a video conference to be recorded it must be scheduled through our scheduling software. Simply add (or ask your scheduler to add) one of the four recorders to your video conference. The video conference will then be recorded for streaming or download. Recorder availability is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Part 5 Recording