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Satellite Broadcast

Our satellite downlink, satellite download, and VYVX interconnections support acquisition and distribution of programming from public broadcasting organizations that include Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Deutsche Welle (Germany’s international broadcaster), and Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), as well as Ohio public broadcasting stations. BEMC downlinks live programs from PBS, which Ohio stations can choose to air live or record for later playback. Live programs include:


PBS also packages entire channels for distribution by public broadcast affiliates. Ohio Educational Television Stations currently transmit:



VYVX satellite services is a global video network that offers broadcast-quality video transport. With multiple teleports in North America, Latin America, and Europe, VYVX is used to provide connectivity for Ohio public broadcast stations and state agencies to national news organizations.

Contact Us

If you have questions about broadcast programming in your area, please contact your local Ohio public broadcasting station at

If you have a question about BEMC satellite services, please contact the Broadcast Educational Media Commission at via phone at 1-888-638-5502 or submit a question via our Contact Us page.