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Finance Committee Meetings

The Finance Committee meets as called by the Chair of this Committee. All meetings are at the BEMC office unless otherwise specified.


  • Dr Jan Osborn, Committee Chair
  • Charles See, Commissioner
  • Matt Dole, Commissioner

Meetings for Fiscal Year 2022

We are offering a virtual connection option for guests. Commissioners and BEMC staff will join the meeting in person. Guests should submit a ticket to Video Support to RSVP for a virtual connection.

  • August 30, 2021
    • Topics:
      • review the responses of the Subsidy Allocation Reviews held by each of the three Alliances;
      • review the FY 21 Annual Reports from the Public TV, Public Radio, and Radio Reading Service affiliates;
      • discuss Guiding Principles for the FY 23 – 24 Capital funding cycle.
    • Agenda
    • Meeting Minutes
  • November  3, 2021