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How to Schedule A Video Conference

Scheduling Software

BEMC Ohio uses TC Reliance Reservation Manager (TC Reliance), a web-based interface for conference scheduling and resource management in real-time. Conferences are scheduled by choosing rooms from a directory and users can add, cancel, and modify single conferences, or change a reservation to modify recurring conferences within that reservation. An online calendar allows users to quickly view and modify conference details.

Go to TC Reliance scheduling tool

Web Browser Requirements

TC Reliance requires using a web browser that supports Microsoft Silverlight. Please refer to the Microsoft Silverlight page for browser compatibility, system requirements and installation. 

Get Silverlight

Room Finder Feature

TC Reliance's Room Finder is publicly available at https://tcr.broadcast.ohio.gov/FreeportWeb/GuestAccess.aspx


BEMC VNOC staff have developed these short slides for your reference and training purposes.  The guides are presented below as self-paced slides: 

  1. Getting Started With Scheduling
  2. Setting Up A Conference
  3. Advanced Scheduling