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Recording, Streaming, and Downloading Instructions

BEMC recording services stores recorded video conferences at media.broadcast.ohio.gov.  Recordings are available almost immediately when your video conference begins for near-real-time streaming and remain available for 6 months.  NOTE: Be sure to archive any video conferences you’ll need to keep – we only store recordings for 6 months.



To view or download a recorded video conference, please visitmedia.broadcast.ohio.govand either

  • ·         search for your recording, or
  • ·         browse our BEMC Video Library (newest recordings appear first)




Click on the video conference when you’ve found it, and you’ll be able to stream or download if download is available.  If the desired video is password-protected, as indicated by a "padlock" icon, enter the password as provided to you by the video conference scheduler.

To Record a Video Conference

For a video conference to be recorded it must be scheduled through our TC Reliance scheduling software.  Simply add (or ask your scheduler to add) one of the six recorders in the BEMC Room Group to your video conference.  The video conference will then be recorded for streaming or download.  Recorder availability is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.  An “Advanced” search for the word “recorder” in our scheduling software will bring up a list of recorders.